Serve Miss Myers

Below are some points to consider before arranging a session with Miss Myers.

As a rule, the minimum length of a session with Miss Myers is one and a half hours. This sensibly permits a relaxed preparation period beforehand so that requirements and limits can be privately discussed and of course an essential winding down period at the end.

In the case of new clients, Miss Myers prefers and encourages two-hour appointments, as this allows adequate time for necessary discussion, exploration and discovery, without rushing the session.

Miss Myers is of course always very happy to discuss more extended sessions that are charged on a pro-rata basis, including overnight sessions.

Miss Myers is a great organizer with many close friends and partners in ‘crime’, so feel welcome to enquire about a more intricate or complex scene involving another beautiful Mistress, a titillating submissive female, a willing bi-sexual male slave or all of the above and more! Due to the level of planning involved more complex scenes will need to be booked well in advance. Fees, including a fee for additional administrative time, will be negotiated accordingly.

As previously mentioned, Miss Myers normally entertains Her clients at Her Islington address. However, She will visit established regular clients on an outcall basis. Miss Myers charges a special rate for outcalls and also expects all relevant costs (i.e. taxis) to be met.

As previously explained, Miss Myers will on occasion provide Her austere and powerful presence as company for you at lunch or dinner.