Meet Miss Myers

"To be permitted to touch the consciousness of Miss Myers is a quite, quite wonderful thing…."
Slave Robert, Kensington

This is something that is born out by the many clients that have come to know and appreciate the phenomenon that is Miss Myers, the sophisticated and classy London Mistress.

Her diverse and honed skills; Her chilling attention to detail; Her wicked sense of humour; Her subtle cruelties; Her soft, cultured voice that can soothe and caress your mind or make you tremble to the very core of your being. All this and more combines to ensure that an audience with Miss Myers is the most rarefied and exclusive of experiences.

With a wonderfully twisted imagination and a razor sharp wit, Miss Myers possesses an innate understanding of the dark, wonderful, erotic fantasies that drive so many to search for that most perfect of encounters. In Miss Myers’ expert and caring hands these fantasies are realized, adding essential spice to your life and lighting up the darkest depths of your psyche. Always Miss Myers has the sensitivity, intelligence and sophistication to understand and realise the most complex of private needs. She is the most excellent, charming company. She can also be your sweetest nightmare.

"I intend to leave my mark on your Mind and if required your Body – we shall see about your Soul."
Miss Myers.

Miss Myers receives Her favoured Clients at Her spacious, elegant, domestic premises in Islington London (N1) where you will be called to account in Her tastefully furnished and equipped traditional drawing room. It is within these walls that those selected to serve will experience the full delights of Her world of deep submission, exquisite pain and depraved pleasures.