A Service for Couples…

Visit Miss Myers “à deux”

Miss Myers is always delighted to be visited by couples who are looking to explore and enrich a BDSM dynamic in their relationship.

Whether you are very new to this and looking for some pointers in the right direction; whether you have a more established BDSM relationship and want instruction in specific areas; whether you are coming to Miss Myers as a teacher or as a Mistress to add exquisite spice to your bedroom games; Miss Myers will be only too pleased to permit you into the inner sanctum and share with you the secrets of Her Art.

Miss Myers is an established teacher in the Art of Mistressing and has run numerous workshops at the fabulous Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, however nothing exceeds the value and erotic pleasure of intimate and personal instruction.

Miss Myers will arrange a truly memorable afternoon or evening for you both at Her Islington premises. This will commence with champagne in Her elegant living room. Then, when all parties feel suitably relaxed, Miss Myers will lead you to her beautiful and fully equipped playroom. There you will find an Aladdin’s cave of implements and toys, all of the most excellent quality and all guaranteed to heighten the erotic experience and tease the imagination.

Miss Myers will be as hands on or hands off during the session, as you both feel comfortable with. Obviously Miss Myers does not permit herself to be touched in an intimate way. However she is always pleased to see Her guests get carried away by the moment…