Some things you should know

The elite, London Mistress, Miss Myers feels it is very important that those who contact Her understand the nature of the exclusive services offered and that only those who feel that they will truly benefit from Her famed attentions apply.

Miss Myers welcomes those who seek a sophisticated and relaxed experience. She enjoys engaging on a most caring and personal level with clients who seek something that goes beyond the average detached functionality so often offered. Therefore those who seek hurried or trivial encounters or whose controlling masochism makes irritating demands should not apply.

Miss Myers particularly welcomes potential clients who desire to form a longer and mutual relationship, in time joining the exclusive group of Her existing worshippers, many of whom have become Her favoured friends.

Miss Myers often enjoys meeting established Clients socially before or after a private session.

"Maybe you will amuse me by squirming in delightful humiliation as I remind you of your previous predicament in earshot of the waiter?"
Miss Myers

She is of the opinion that this social time spent with Her favoured clients is not only extremely civilised, but also crucial in building the bond of trust on which the most powerful and intense erotic experiences are built.

Miss Myers is happy to meet novices and more experienced clients alike.