Please Miss Myers

Miss Myers adores gifts that reflect the elegance and the exquisite femininity of Her nature.

She loves fine perfumes – though nothing too sweet or girlish. She is a particular fan of Ormonde Jayne 'Woman' Chanel and Jean Paul Gautlier.

She only smokes Balkan Sobrani Black Russian. 

Some good quality champagne and some fine Belgian chocolates are always appreciated.

Equally, pampering treats from the likes of Rituals and L'Occitane meet with approval.

Miss Myers is all for Erotic Emporiums, particularly if they are very pink and decicated to us ladies. Therefore any gift from Sh! would be most appreciated.

Miss Myers gets quite excited about the erotic emporium that is Coco de Mer. Almost any purchase from there would meet Her tastes.

She is also a great lover of vintage underwear in silk or satin sold by the likes of What Katie Did and Fairy GothMother.  

And a great fan of fully-fashioned stockings and tights so a gift from Wolfords is always appreciated.  

Miss Myers does not wear a large amount of latex, however She adores sophisticated and elegant designs Atsuko Kudo that accentuate Her perfect form and petite curves.

She is also currently very intrigued by the corsets designed by new London Boutique Bibian Blue.

Gifts that indicate some forethought and consideration of Her personal tastes such as beautiful erotic prints and vintage jewellery are always appreciated and She is of course very happy to discuss bespoke purchases for Her wardrobe.