Miss Myers' interests

There are many ways you can entertain Miss Myers…

"Maybe you will please me in the fervent worship of my perfectly petite feet? Or in submitting to my desire to explore your more feminine side in the Boudoir?

Perhaps you will humbly beg to receive the honour of kneeling in submission before me and worshipping my youthful, and beautiful naked form?

Maybe you will suffer the torment and humiliation of your most intimate parts for my entertainment? Or maybe you will indulge my love of role-play and stand in the corner, trousers around your ankles, whilst I tell you off like the naughty little boy you are?

Perhaps another beautiful Mistress or a titillating, female submissive present would be amusing? Or the presence of one of my obliging male slaves who you shall service for my pleasure.

Or is it my sadistic desire you will satisfy? Begging for that extra stroke of the cane to take you beyond the point of endurance…..

Perhaps you will you bring out my sensual side as I tease and torment you to the point of delirium and make you beg?

Or perhaps I will indulge my love of watersports, drinking plenty of Earl Gray and champagne and before showering you with my pure spring rain, if of course you have proved yourself worthy."

Miss Myers

She could provide you with the usual predictable shopping list. However, Miss Myers prefers a much more personal approach, delving deep into your most private desires and fantasies and structuring a session truly unique to you.