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Miss Myers is back...

Miss Myers had a rather difficult year last year on both the health and personal life fronts. Hence the lack of activity on her blog and her news page. However, she is pleased to announce she is now back with a vengeance. She is a great believer in the saying "what does not kill you makes you stronger". Though in her case, what does not kill her makes her all more the unforgiving.....

To celebrate her return to full vim and viciousness Miss Myers had her photo taken in her country garden in a rare moment of sunshine, accompanied by her most loyal and trusty disciple. You want to be made to sit and beg also do you? Well she suggests that you e-mail her minding your spelling and your Ps and Qs. You never know, if you are a very good boy you might get a treat...

For more information please email Miss Myers.




Styleable Miss Myers

For a while now I have been running workshops at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, as some of you are aware, corrupting nice young women and encouraging them to do terribly wicked things to their partners in the bedroom. The workshop I ran at the end of March sold out and I am hoping for another sell out workshop on the 26th June.

And it would seem that Miss Myers as mentor and teacher is now starting to attract some attention with a glowing write up of my last workshop on online lifestyle blog Styleable. However, much as I enjoy, teaching, guiding and generally tempting susceptible young ladies from the path of the straight and the narrow,  I am not about to retire to the classroom and put down my whip anytime soon. After all, is not the best way to teach by example…


Miss Myers does the Great Gatsby

A little taster from my latest photo shoot with the talented Robert Babylon.

The shoot was inspired by the latest Great Gatsby film, what with my penchant for the 1920s style and Robert's intense use of colour as a photographer, it seemed the perfect theme to choose. 

As you can see we went off on a slightly oriental tangent, but I think it has all come together rather well.

The images certainly escape from some of the usual mistress-in-front of camera cliches.




Miss Myers in Jade Magazine

I am rather chuffed to have my image in Jade Magazine, which features work from erotic artists both established and new, as part of a 11 page spread by my good friend and talented photographer Robert Babylon.

In my opinion, Robert’s work really stands out not only for its technical prowess but also its originality; Robert is making quite a name for himself with his innovative photography using UV lighting. Robert was kind enough to comment that the quality of the model also has a direct impact on the quality of the work.

There are a couple of pages from the magazine below. The question is; can you spot me in each!




Festive Greetings

Miss Myers sincerely hopes you are going to behave yourself in 2014, otherwise She will have to come in from the cold and deal with you!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a 2014 full of fun and frolics of the naughtiest kind ;-)





Miss Myers Presents the Art of Sensual Spanking at Sh!

Miss Myers is happy to announce that following on from the success of Her workshop BDSM in the Bedroom, She has been asked back by Women’s Erotic Emporium Sh! to present a new workshop; The Art of Sensual Spanking. 

The workshop, which is for ladies only, is taking place on Thursday 14th November at the Sh! store in Hoxton. After champagne and cupcakes, Miss Myers will share her sensual spanking secrets with the ladies presents and teach them how to use the hand and other traditional tools of corporal punishment in such a way that will pleasure as opposed to punish.

She certainly intends to send them away full of all kinds of wicked ideas to try out on hapless partners, however Miss Myers shall post a full report of this workshop on Her blog.

Click here for more information about this workshop.




Miss Myers Launches Her New Blog

There have been suggestions, there have been subtle hints and some of you it has come to Miss Myers' attention, have discovered it already...

But now the wait is over and Miss Myers' Blog, The Severity of Miss Myers, The Adventures of London's Quientessential English Mistress, is officially launched.

Here you will find the more informal voice of Miss Myers and a glimpse of her life outside the playroom. The blog details Her forays to some of London's most strange, bizarre and cutting edge cultural events, news of Her latest photo shoots and films, updates regarding the august institution that is the Malice and Myers Academy, Her personal musings on life the universe and everything and images from Her favourite erotic artists, illustrators and photographers.

Miss Myers has been working away at this projects, in spare moments between the necessary disciplining of naughty boys, for quite a while now, so there are more than two pages of posts to peruse. Do enjoy your explorations!





Summer this year been as teasing and elusive as the finest Mistress. However, now She has finally graced us with Her presence, Miss Myers thought it would be the ideal moment to share with you this summery image from Her latest photo shoot.

Evocative of Salome, the archetypal femme fatale, Miss Myers reclines on oriental cushions, coolly observing Her poor victim, demanding the impossible and deadly (but of course…)




And talking of Femmes Fatales…

Back in May, Miss Myers shot two new films with Femme Fatale Films which are now featured on the website:

In “Peeper Punished” a Peeping Tom neighbour gets rather more than just an eyeful of Miss Myers stockings.

Whilst in “Sticky Fingers” Miss Myers is most upset when her 1950’s style cookery show spoilt by her greedy assistant who has eaten all the cupcakes. The poor assistant soon learns his humiliating lesson via the wooden spoon and some innovative use of the icing piping bag all on “live television”.


femme fatale

The Academy Bikini Bootcamp

If there is one thing myself and Miss Malice enjoy above all else, it has to be a good old giggle at the expense of our poor, unfortunate slaves.  And believe me we had ample opportunity this week when it came to our activities at the Academy.

Although our physical education programme is amongst the best in the country, it has been brought to our attention that not all our pupils appreciate the numerous benefits of a bracing ten-mile run or back-breaking circuits regime.

So in a swift bid to eradicate such a flabby attitude, we took a trip to the shops with a shabby slave in tow in pursuit of physical perfection.

Arm-in-arm we weaved straight past the demure dresses, and headed into the throng (or should that be thong) of eager ladies eyeing up this season's itsiest, bitsiest bikinis.  And for our shivering sub only the skimpiest garments would do.

Whilst he was elbowed into the changing room grasping a shamefully small specimen, myself and Miss Malice chose a lurid selection of similarly miniscule garments for the summer season at the Academy - our express aim to humiliate our pupils into embracing and appreciating the body beautiful.

Trust us.  NOTHING will motivate you to hit the gym more than a double encounter of the most shameful kind.  We will dress you up, parade you until your cheeks (both sets) are a sun-burnt shade of red and then put you through your paces with some lunges, deep squats and star jumps.  You will be whipped in to shape in no time at all.

Whether you?ve had a nasty attack of the beer belly blues, you are a puny little prune or you're just looking for an excuse to model a bikini in front of London's most formidable duo, let us put you in your place and inspire the Adonis within.

No pain, no gain has never been more apt.

Please consult The Malice and Myers Academy for further information.

boot camp

Miss Myers at Coco de Mer

Miss Myers is delighted to announce that she will be leading a Salon at Covent Garden Emporium of elegant erotica and sophisticated sensuality, Coco de Mer.

This enlightening and entertaining experience for ladies only will be taking place at he Covent Garden store on the evening of Wednesday 24th April. Miss Myers will be sharing with those present the secrets of artfully controlling a man’s pleasure and arousal through techniques such as tied and teased.

If you and your partner are exploring the possibility of her taking a more dominant role in the bedroom then this would be the perfect place to start. Though do be warned boys, once she gets in the driving seat she probably won’t want to get out of it again.

Click here for more details of the Salon.

If you and your partner are looking for a more personally tailored erotic experience, along with a truly memorable afternoon or evening, Miss Myers always welcomes visits from couples at her Islington premises.

Visit the Couples Page to find out more about seeing Miss Myers “a deux”.


coco de mer

The Evolution of the Academy

After two auspicious terms heading up the Academy and disciplining countless naughty boys, myself and Miss Myers came to a disturbing conclusion. The confines of a Schoolroom in Waltham Cross were simply too small to accommodate what was rapidly emerging as not only a parochial problem but an International crisis.

The only solution was to branch out and embrace this epidemic of disobedience and insubordination with a larger and all-encompassing new institution.

And so a new era of the Academy is born.

Operating in collaboration with the British Intelligence agency, this covert organisation is of utmost importance to national security. Qualifying for extra-special governmental status, it has one sole aim, to stop in it's tracks what is increasingly becoming an international crisis: The Global scourge of the miscreant male.

Our power now knows no bounds.

Please consult The Malice and Myers Academy for further information.

malice and myers

The Four Seasons of Miss Myers

Miss Myers is a Mistress of many moods and many faces, as Her slaves know only too well. They soon learn it is not wise to become complacent in Her company...

This year Miss Myers has decided to embark on four photo shoots to reflect Her multi-faceted nature through the four seasons.

This first photo shoot captures Miss Myers as Snow Queen. Cold, ruthless, unforgiving and demanding your adoration; what wouldn't you do to please Her and melt that icy heart just a touch...

More images from the "Four Seasons of Miss Myers" in Her Gallery.

malice and myers

Your Venus in Furs

Feast your eyes on Miss Myers in sumptuous furs in this new gallery of images.

The images are stills taken from the film "Don't Look, Don't Touch". One of the many Femme Fatale Films She in which she has starred.

Miss Myers recently heard that the poor slave in the film is still somewhat psychologically traumatised from being so cruelly teased but is making a good recovery. .

More images from the "Your Venus in Furs"in Her Gallery.

malice and myers

The Malice and Myers Academy Website is Launched!

Following the success of our first academy day on 22nd June, Miss Malice and I are proud to announce the launch of The Academy Website in good time for our next Academy day at Waltham Cross on Friday 12th October from 10am to 6pm.

On the website, you will find the ethos and educational philosophy of this august institution, tantalising biographical details of Miss Malice and Miss Myers (who in the distant past suffered at the hands of governess and the finishing school Mistress themselves), and of course a wonderful range of images of these two formidable ladies in their preferred classroom attire of smart white shirts, tight pencil skirts and discreetly seamed stockings…. Please peruse at your leisure.

If you would like to attend the Academy Day on 12th October or would like further information, please call either of us at the school office:

Miss Myers: 07794 385 717
Miss Malice: 07531 596 953

A polite and respectful letter of enquiry can be sent to us at:

Please note we will be holding private tuition sessions and not a group class on this occasion.

malice and myers

Back To School

It's finally arrived - the day you've been dreading and anticipating in equal measures. Your school uniform feels rough and restrictive after a summer spent climbing tress in shorts. And you're sure your satchel wasn't as heavy last term.

The bus pulls up. The squeaky school gates swing open. You gaze wide-eyed through the playground melee of bulging rucksacks and shiny new shoes.

Miss Myers and Miss Malice stand ominously, framing the entrance to the school hall. You can't make out if they're smiling or scowling as you make your way into assembly, sneaking a quick peek at their seamed stockings. You're still considering their lovely legs as you take your seat when you hear the dreaded words hurtling in your direction:

You boy!

The Academy doors open again on 12th October. This gives you plenty of time to swot up for the first test of term. Individual lessons will begin at 10.00am and end at 6.30pm. We will not be holding a group class on this occasion.

For more details, please visit the dedicated website here - Malice and Myers Academy

OR please feel free to call either of the mistresses at the school office for further information or booking enquiries.

Miss Myers: 07794 385 717
Miss Malice on 07531 596 953

A polite and respectful letter of enquiry may also be sent to:


Introducing the Malice and Myers Academy

**Book your place now if you don’t want miss out – only two 221 opportunites remain for our inaugural event on 22nd June**  

The Myers and Malice Academy is an authentic boys-only school role-play where you can live out your fantasies under the strict supervision of two delectable school Mistresses – Miss Alice Malice and Miss Myers. The Academy rejects the new fangled, touchy-feely teaching methods that are leading to this Nation’s educational decline. Rather in the face of fashion, it bravely embraces traditional values such as a stiff dose of trigonometry, rigorous exercise, a healthy fear of teaching staff and an even healthier fear of the cane…..

The Academy is based in a dedicated, 1950’s style school classroom at Waltham Cross Hertfordshire, 35 mins from London Liverpool Street Station by train.

The inaugural event for the Academy is on Friday 22nd June and due to overwhelming demand, Miss Malice and Miss Myers will be dedicating the whole day to 221 experiences at a very special rate for an hour.

Only a very few of these 221 slots remain, so if you do not wish to miss out on this opportunity to be at the mercy of two of London's most skilled and beautiful disciplinarians, get in touch without delay!

You can call Miss Myers on 07794 385 717 or you can call Miss Malice on 07531 596 953

Alternatively, you e-mail both ladies at

Dedicated website for the Malice and Myers Academy also coming soon. Details will be announced here shortly or email for further information.


malice and myers

Miss Myers - Femme Fetale…

Miss Myers became the epitome of the femme fetale when She donned a fur coat, gloves, seamed stockings, suspenders and very little else in Her latest film for Femme Fetale productions - Don't Look Don't Touch:

Not only is poor slave forbidden to touch Miss Myer's silky soft white skin, even a careless upwards glance results in a harsh whipping with sjambok - disobedience simply won't be tolerated...

Don't Look, Don't Touch follows on from Miss Myer's first film for the Femmes, Bobby Turned Bobette:

Wayward husband Bobby is a little confused who wears the trousers in the relationship however, after some most enlightening time in the play room and the bath room Bobby seems to be a little clearer on matters....

To see a clips of both films click on the link below and do keep an eye on Miss Myer's screen career here. As one of the Femmes leading lights, She will be back in the studio very soon working on another Oscar winning performance…

Miss Myers at Femme Fatale Films...


femdom film

Presenting Miss Lydia Thorne: The Apprentice

Every great mistress needs a great apprentice and Miss Lydia Thorne is just that. Miss Myers, as you might imagine, gets approached by quite a number of hopeful young ladies wishing to train under her guidance; hoping perhaps to learn the secret of Her magic touch.

Very few make the grade, have that very special je ne sais quoi……  Miss Lydia Thorne, however, most certainly does.

She is currently spending some time with Miss Myers finessing her skills and is available for 221 sessions with at a reduced rate, which reflects her trainee status.

For more information please email Miss Myers.

lydia thorne

Latest Photoshoot

Once again the camera of talented erotic artist China Hamilton has been capturing the many moods of Miss Myers.

This latest photo shoot took place at Her new and delightfully decadent premises in Islington. It features Miss Myers in a white 50's style dress and titillating black lace; an exploration of the light and dark sides of Her nature perhaps…

You will find images from the shoot on main pages of the website and in the gallery – enjoy!

china hamilton

Introducing naughty Madeleine

Miss Myers is delighted to introduce the sumptuous Madeleine, a dear friend and partner in crime with a considerable knowledge of the sensual arts…….

Whether role playing perfectly the cheeky French maid or the innocent wide-eyed college student or exploring her naturally sadistic side as an assistant to Miss Myers, Madeleine is always the most wonderful, charming and intelligent company.

To enquire about a 221 session with Miss Myers and Madeleine please email Miss Myers.

naughty submissive madeleine

Signed Photographs

Miss Myers is delighted to provide suitable and dutiful Clients of Hers with a fine-art print taken by China Hamilton on superb, A3 German, archival, hand-made paper of Herself, selected from both those used on these pages or from the gallery of China Hamilton.

Such prints will carry a short personal message from Miss Myers and of course be signed by Her and also be signed and authenticated by the Artist. Price including postage world-wide, £500.00.

Contact Miss Myers here to place your humble request

Image (c) China Hamilton

china hamilton photographs

English Mansion FemDom Summer Ball

Miss Myers is delighted to be attending the English Mansion FemDom Summer Ball in conjunction with the Skin Two Weekend. Let the fun and games of summer commence…

femdom summer ball

Double Trouble

After having far too much fun together in one of Hampshire's stately homes, Miss Myers and Miss Alice Malice have teamed up to bring trouble and strife to naughty boys everywhere in the form of CP, roleplay and tie and tease sessions. If you dare contemplate experiencing the joint attentions of two such devilishly beautiful and sadistic ladies please contact Miss Myers here for more information.

naughty girls